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About Nancy McIntyre

Welcome to The Pet Nanny. My name is Nancy McIntyre (Lohnes). I am a professional pet sitter/dog walker and have been in this business for over 25 years. I started working with animals at a very young age. I went into the business world but knew that I had to get back to what I loved most, working with animals. I have lived in Woburn all my life. My dad trained German Shepherds and my uncle was a trainer and also wrote a book about training Hunting Dogs so working with animals has been in my blood. I am a certified dog groomer. I attended grooming school for a year, participated in many different classes, learning all about the different breeds of dogs and cats, how to groom the different breeds according to the breed standard, and also took pet CPR classes. During my grooming career, I specifically worked with poodles as a show groomer. I was in that business for 5 years but my dog walking and pet sitting business progressed so I decided that I was not going to continue the grooming and focus on what I truly loved most of all. I have been very blessed to have a job that I truly love and have a passion for. I would love to be able to care for your pets. I have worked with many!

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