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“I have known and hired Nancy Lohnes, aka “The Pet Nanny” for over 30 years. She has been extremely reliable and goes the extra mile in taking care of my pets. When I come home from a trip, they all (cats) are happy, clean and well fed. To my knowledge, she also pet sits dogs and I’ve been told that she is as reliable with them as she is with cats. Anyone that hires her can be very confident in her care of your pets”
– Betsy, Woburn, MA

“Nancy McIntyre is the best pet nanny I have ever hired. I have employed her services for the past several years. She has proven to be reliable, competent and extremely compassionate with my cats. I trust her explicitly without reservation. I strongly recommend Nancy to care for any pets!”
– Barbara Beckett

“Nancy, The Pet Nanny, has been our trusted, reliable and loving pet care-giver whenever we travel or are away. In our multi-cat household she not only takes great care of our fur babies but also looks after the house. She has been with us for at least 15 years, maybe longer, and is like family to us and our family of pets, including our exotic fish. Our kitties look forward to her visits for feeding and play and we are completely at ease knowing she is caring for them and also ensuring the house is in order during our absence. She provides peace of mind so that we can leave without worry knowing we are in capable hands.”
– Steve and Tricia

“Nancy is the best! We are so lucky to have found her. I never worry about our cats when we are on vacation. She definitely goes above and beyond. True story, before we installed central AC we found out on really hot days Nancy would stop by our house to rotate our ceiling fans and check on the fur babies. She didn’t want the fans on too long and she was worried about the cats. We had only scheduled her for two visits a day but her love for our cats and concern for our home was more important to her! She is a true animal lover and the BEST pet Nanny!”
– Vicki Laake

“Nancy Lohnes has taken care of our family’s dogs for over twenty years. We first met Nancy about 20 years ago when we moved to our town. Our cockapoo was about 3 or 4 years old. Nancy walked and took care of Becky for seven years and we never worried about the care Becky received. Becky was a very smart dog with “attitude” and Nancy really understood Becky’s needs.

After Becky passed away, we got Fenway. While Becky had PhD, Fenway was a little slower to develop and to this day remains very “sensitive”. Nancy was incredibly patient with our little Fenway and understands Fenway’s personality and need for lots of cuddles. Nancy has cared for Fenway for 13 years. Nancy has taken care of Fenway in various types of arrangements, including when we were away for extended trips. Never once did we worry. We knew Fenway was loved and well care for. And, Fenway absolutely loves Auntie Nancy!

Nancy is reliable, consistent, thoughtful and caring. She worries about the dogs and cats she cares for and is deeply committed to caring for them. We think Nancy works incredibly hard and deserves a great deal of respect for the time, effort and commitment she makes to her clients. We cannot recommend Nancy highly enough.”

– Bird & Silvestrini

“The Pet Nanny, Nancy, took care of our wonderful black lab for years. He loved her daily visits and so did we! She truly loves animals and has years of experience handling all kinds of pets and any challenge or situation that can develop in the care of animals. Nancy is professional, reliable, honest and always punctual. I am aware that Nancy has extremely loyal clients who insist on only her care for their beloved pets. She was exceptionally kind and empathetic when our dog was nearing the end of his life. That type of caring service is not forgotten. If I were to get another pet I would only hire The Pet Nanny, Nancy.”
– Kathwob

“Nancy has been taking care of my pets since the early 2000’s. She is dedicated and has exceptional knowledge of animals that have helped my dogs lived healthier lives. She is a true treasure and you will not find a more caring Pet Nanny.”
– Beth Llewellyn Lavoie

“Nancy is a true animal lover and a genuinely nice person. I met Nancy when she took care of my family’s dog and cat when we went on vacation about 15 years ago. She was very experienced and knowledgable then and I’m sure those qualities have only improved since!”
– Emily Holland